Paint manufacturer since 1927



100 years of expertise

Founded nearly a century ago by businessmen from Luxembourg who chose the name of the company in reference to one of the last knights of Useldange Castle, Robin has become a renowned manufacturer of premium paints for professionals and private individuals within Luxembourg and abroad.

A trusted provider to professionals

With a competitive modern production plant, a research laboratory, and innovative solutions that have won several awards for their quality and durability, Robin is a trusted provider for professionals in construction and industry, as well as a number of distributors and other manufacturers who call on our expertise for their own customised products.

A world leader in bodywork painting, the Axalta group also makes use of Robin’s knowledge, logistics and services for the exclusive product distribution of its products within Luxembourg.

A professional provider to private individuals

Throughout our retail and partnership network in Luxembourg, France and Belgium, as well as at our showrooms, private individuals also enjoy access to the professional quality of Robin paints and our commitment to people and the environment. Robin’s water-based Art de la Nature paint collections feature colours inspired by nature and the heritage of Luxembourg, illustrating our intention to contribute to a world more respectful of the environment through the development of eco-responsible products.

Entrepôt Robin implémenté au Luxembourg
Préparation de commande pour professionnel.


Robin’s expert advice and the extensive range of products that we make and distribute cover the needs of professionals and private individuals in paints, lacquers, varnishes, stains, and other coatings.

Construction, industry, and bodywork professionals, as well as artisans, decorators, private individuals, retailers, wholesalers, and paint manufacturers acclaim Robin for:

  • our own range of more than 400 references,

  • leading bodywork paint brands,

  • premium tool and accessory brands,

  • competitive outdoor insulation materials,

  • leading wallpaper, flooring, moulding and trim brands,

  • exclusive subcontracting and manufacturing services for customised paints and other compounds.


100% bio-sourced with formulas based on linseed oil, miscanthus, algae, oyster shells and other recycled materials; featuring insulating, conductive, non-stick, or CO2-capturing properties: the Robin Laboratory studies a number of developments each year to manufacture high-performance, multi-functional paints that are more respectful of humans and the environment, whether on an industrial scale or in smaller quantities.

On demand, in collaboration with industry professionals and the University of Luxembourg, and as a member of the group of independent paint manufacturers UNIFAP performing more than a hundred studies and R&D projects annually, we put our near-century of expertise in the service of innovation to meet the needs of our clients and develop sustainable solutions.

Vue détaillée du laboratoire de recherche des peintures Robin


Unité de production de peinture poiur Robin

The Robin factory

A competitive tool

Entirely renovated and extended in 2007, the Robin factory features state-of-the-art equipment that manufactures both industrial quantities and smaller quantities to the highest quality standards for our own company and other businesses.

Ingénieurs, techniciens, commerciaux et logisticiens de peintures Robin

The Robin teams

Highly qualified intrapreneurs

Robin’s engineers, technicians, salespeople, and logisticians are qualified to fulfil even the most exacting requirements. Their professionalism and sense of responsibility are the two principal keys to the excellent quality of Robin’s products and services.

Structure Lean de Robin

The Robin organisation

Flexibility and agility

Robin is a ‘lean’ structure that minimises any activities, resources or processes that provide no added value. Ours is a holacratic organisation that enables rapid decision-making through decentralised autonomy, and our production facilities are adapted to this management model. This enables us to offer great flexibility and agility in developing, manufacturing, and delivering the products and services required by all the professional and private individuals that we serve.


The Robin values include economic, environmental, and social dimensions:

  • by giving priority to the development of premium products and services, guaranteeing both client satisfaction and the company’s economic sustainability,

  • by developing eco-responsible solutions to move beyond the fossil era for the good of the planet and future generations,

  • through a mutually beneficial partnership with the surrounding community and all its stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, neighbours and authorities.

Vue aérienne d'Uselange


Unanimously recognised by professionals, Robin quality is the result of expertise developed over many decades and the continuous improvement process of all our services, backed by ISO 9001 certification.

In technical, functional, and environmental terms, all the products that Robin manufactures and distributes comply with or surpass the standards in force, whether for professionals, industrials, or private individuals.

Certification ISO 9001
Image de la campagne


Robin has developed in a lush natural setting, and we care about protecting it. As a company, Robin intends on rising to the challenges of sustainable development.

Since the late 1990s, Robin has integrated the Corporate Social Responsibility principles and its environmental component into our development policy.

For more than 20 years, Robin’s actions have led to the development of several ranges that substitute petroleum derivatives with environmentally-friendly natural compounds.

“In formulating our products, Robin seeks to replace any petroleum-based raw materials with renewable resources, ideally produced within the region.”



Foremost range of water-based primers, stains, and paints

In 2001, Robin created RobinHyd, a water-based range to replace the equivalent solvent-based range, including primers, lacquers, stains, and other two-component mixtures.



Foremost 100% bio-sourced paints

This entirely natural range made using tall oil – a by-product of paper pulp production – is free of any volatile compounds or cosolvents. Verdello, an extra-matte interior wall paint, is the foremost product of the RobinGreen range.



Linseed oil-based stain for woodwork

Manufactured using linseed oil from flax planted in Luxembourg to protect its sources of drinking water, Luxlin is a nourishing, saturating stain that offers woodwork sustainable, eco-responsible protection.



Recycled eco-circular paint

A matte white wall paint, Robinloop was developed 2021 using recycled paints gathered by the Luxembourg-wide waste management organisation SuperDrecksKëscht®.



Water-based wall paints available in 151 nature-inspired colours

Developed in 2022, Robin’s Art de la Nature collection is respectful of health and the environment. Its numerous finishes include an organic matte emulsion exclusively containing natural, sustainable compounds.


Robin’s responsible commitments and management in preventing and upcycling waste have earned SDK® certification, which complies with the international ISO 14024 standards.


750 photovoltaic panels, capable of annually producing 250,000 kWh, cover 30% of Robin’s energy needs today. The remaining 70 % is fully covered by wind and other renewable energy sources.


Robin is currently establishing our carbon footprint to determine the measures that will enable it to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions inherent to our activity and to offset those that cannot be avoided.

Site de production de Peintures Robin


Equity is the basis for any mutually beneficial relationship, and it underlies Robin’s commitment to all our stakeholders and society at large.

To create a work setting that is favourable to economic development and that, reciprocally, fosters the prosperity of those who contribute to the company’s success, Robin’s management policy is based on the respect of each party’s interests.


Robin fosters the fulfilment and development of our employees through:

  • a safe, secure work setting that strives to lighten and automatise heavy tasks or those that could pose a potential risk for the health,

  • a holacratic organisation that encourages a spirit of initiative, the adoption of roles according to the company’s operational needs as well as open communication at every level to resolve problems as they arise and continually adapt to market developments,

  • training and skill development programmes that enable each individual to progress,

  • a structured career plan aiming to build employee loyalty,

  • and, for those who wish, a family-oriented consideration for the evolution of employees’ private lives.

Site de production de Peintures Robin

Robin unreservedly adheres to the national programme Vision Zéro for the prevention of workplace and commuting accidents and occupational illnesses.

Robin is also the signatory of the ‘Businesses and human rights’ national pact, a commitment to implement the United Nations’ guiding principles pertaining to human rights at the workplace.

Clients, suppliers, and partners

At Robin, we not only eagerly comply with the laws, regulations, and standards that apply to our sector of activity and operations; we are also committed to actively working in favour of our clients’ interests and in the respect and understanding of our suppliers’ and partners’ imperatives. Integrity is a core value for salesmanship at Robin. We exclude any disloyal or illicit practice, and we endeavour to prevent conflicts of interest.

Code of conduct
As a signatory of the ‘Businesses and human rights’ national pact, Robin is also committed to raising awareness of human rights protection at the workplace among suppliers. We ask each provider to sign the Robin Code of conduct.


Robin supports and participates in the social life of our community, in the town of Useldange, and we scrupulously ensure the respect of environmental standards and the protection of our natural environment.

Vue aérienne d'Uselange