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We provide the best solution for the protection and decoration of your industrial equipment. All our paint is produced in compliance with European REACH regulations. They contain no CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic) substances.

For every need there is a Robin solution

Robin paint solutions are available in corrosivity classes C2 to C5 according to the ISO 12944 standard, providing industrial structures and equipment with tailored protection for every requirement.

Industrial machines

Photographie de machines industrielles peintes en blanc et bleu

Protection and decoration of presses, lathes, robots, overhead cranes, pumps, machine tools, and other machinery

Metal structures and boilerworks

Protection and decoration of bridges, walkways, pylons, warehouses, hangars, tanks, frameworks, metal structures, piping, and industrial boilerworks

Industrial flooring

Peinture pour sol de garage avec marquage jaune au sol

Protection of industrial floors in production lines, technical areas, warehouses, garages, basements, and more, whether they are exposed to heavy mechanical wear or located in aggressive chemical environments

Agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and industrial bodywork

Carrosserie de tracteurs peints en vert

Protection and decoration of tractors, trailers, harvesters, cranes, tippers, and other machinery in the agricultural, construction, and industrial vehicle body sectors (lorry chassis)

Tanks and containers

Cuves peintes avec de la peinture industrielle verte, bleue et jaune

Protection and decoration of silos, reservoirs, tanks, and containers

Urban furniture

Arrêt de bus en extérieur peint

Protection and decoration of bus shelters, litter bins, streetlights, lamp posts, public benches, billboards, anti-parking bollards, barriers, posts, and other street furniture

Wooden equipment and structures

Structure en bois traitée et peinte pour la protéger

Protection and decoration of wooden cladding, internal and external joinery

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Laboratoire pour la conception de peintures de qualité

Robin Quality

Almost a century of expertise has allowed us to develop high-quality paints and coatings that enhance your productivity and the lifespan of your equipment and industrial facilities.

Based on their purpose, environment, substrate, and application method, the solutions we provide are optimized to offer you the best balance of durability, productivity, beauty, environmental friendliness, and affordability.


  • Adherence
  • Corrosion and humidity resistance
  • Chemical and mechanical resistance
  • UV ray and weather resistance


  • Easy application
  • High coverage
  • Rapid to ultra-rapid drying


  • Flawless finish
  • Wide range of colours: RAL, AFNOR, NCS, DB, etc.

Respect for the environment

  • Water-based solutions
  • Low VOC solvent-based paints
  • High solid content paints


From the manufacture of reflective paints to reduce the temperature of railway tracks to the production of anti-graffiti varnishes, direct-to-metal paints, or water-based protective coatings, you will find an extensive range of products or solutions to meet your needs at Robin.

Our flexibility allows us to quickly adapt our formulations to your specific requirements regarding colour, gloss, drying time, viscosity, application method, or other specific criteria.

Pigments utilisés pour la création de peinture
Remplissage d'un pot de peinture bleue



Robin offers you a universal solution approved by ISO 12944 - C4 high - C5 (100 microns dry) that may be applied in a single coat as a primer and finish for anti-corrosion protection and decoration on any metal structure or industrial equipment in ferrous or non-ferrous metal: iron, steel, cast iron, galvanised steel, aluminium, and more.

Enjoy productivity gains and optimal corrosion protection for all your equipment with 2K DTM ROBINTHANE 4361.

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Solution professionnelle anti-grafitti pour supprimer les graffitis : Robprotect.


Whatever your substrate – whether, among others, old paint, concrete, brick, blue stone, wood, glass, or aluminium –, Robin provides high-performance resistance to graffiti for your walls, doors, rolling stock, and other equipment.

After just 24 hours of drying time, ROBPROTECT ANTIGRAFFITI offers you great graffiti resistance, excellent resistance to weather conditions and chemical products, and high resistance to impacts, scratching, and wear. ROBPROTECT ANTIGRAFFITI is available in three colourless finishes: matte, satin, and gloss.

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Protection du bois : Solution professionnelle liquide pour protéger le bois en extérieur : bouche-porage, anti-tanin, hydrofuge et élastique.


Our water-based or solvent-based solutions offer high-quality protection suitable for various species of wood cladding and exterior and interior woodwork.

Discover the many properties or our EVEREST INDUSTRY wood range: saturation, pore sealing, anti-tannin, waterproofing and elasticity.

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